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Composite Roofs

Composite Roofs

Composite Roofing Installation in Colorado Springs

What is Composite Roofing?
Composite roofing is an innovative blend of commonly used roofing materials. These shingles combine the strength of asphalt, tar paper, slate, wood, and laminate to produce a roofing solution that offers both aesthetic appeal and formidable protection. As a testament to their quality and reliability, they’re fast becoming the preferred choice for homeowners in Colorado Springs.

Features of Composite Roofs:

  1. Authentic Look & Feel: Some materials, like slate and cedar shakes, are available in both their natural and composite versions. While they retain the traditional appearance, composite versions bring enhanced durability and often a wider range of design options.

  2. Durability: These roofs are resistant to extreme weather and stand strong against cracking, splitting, peeling, or warping. If damage does occur, individual shingles can be replaced seamlessly.

  3. Extended Warranty: While many roofing products have a lifespan of about 30 years, composite roofing often comes with a 40 to 50-year warranty, showcasing their longevity.

  4. Protection Against Elements: These shingles are adept at keeping moss, algae, and UV rays at bay. They also boast an impressive resistance to fire.

  5. Design Versatility: Whether you desire a particular color, shape, or size, or you want to mimic another roofing material, composite shingles offer a plethora of choices without compromising on their other benefits.

Composite vs. Asphalt Shingles:
Although composite and asphalt shingles share many features, composite shingles edge out with a longer warranty and greater design flexibility. Moreover, their lightweight nature makes them more transport-friendly and easier to install.

While the advantages of composite shingles are numerous, it’s crucial to note that the specifics can vary between products. We recommend reviewing your options meticulously and consulting professionals before settling on a choice.

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What Our Customers say about JRB

“JRB is #1 in Colorado Springs.”

Rodney and his complete staff performed a wonderful installation of my new roof. I felt I could trust them from the very beginning. They completed the job and cleaned up very well they worked around my heritage roses and did no damage. The other people that knocked on my door seemed like greasy scam artists. JRB is #1 in Colorado Springs. Don't even bother going elsewhere. It will be a waste. Love you guys!!!!
Dave M
Roof Installation

“They’ve always been my go-to for roof inspections, repairs, installs and gutter installations.”

I've worked with JRB Enterprises for several years on many properties throughout Colorado Springs and El Paso County. They've always been my go-to for roof inspections, repairs, installs and gutter installations. They're extremely knowledgable, very honest, have good products at a fair price, are professional and friendly.
Roof Replacements, Repairs, and Gutters

“He was honest about the materials and the upgrades”.

The word that comes to mind for J.R.B. Enterprises is "EXCELLENCE!" After we purchased a home in Colorado, the inspector recommended a new roof, so the seller agreed to pay for it. Then Tristan stepped in. He called me to talk about options. He took my calls on the weekend when he was with his family and when he was driving home from a long day. He was honest about the materials and the upgrades. The job was done even before he had a deposit! he even got the job done one day early! He accepted our form of payment after the job was inspected by my wife!
Frank G
Roof Replacement

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