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Hail Damage

Hail Damage

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Hail Damage and Your Roof

Hail storms can seriously harm your roof, leading to issues like slipped shingles, leaks, and rot. The severity of damage depends on factors like hail size, wind direction, roof material, and surrounding structures. Recognizing hail damage early and seeking repairs from experts is vital.

Factors Impacting Roof Hail Damage

  • Hail Size & Shape: From pea-sized to softball-sized, hail can inflict varied damage. Its rough edges often enhance the harm.
  • Wind: Damage varies based on wind direction and speed.
  • Roof Material & Age: The material and condition of your roof can determine its vulnerability. For instance, hail might crack wood shingles but only dent aluminum siding.
  • Surrounding Barriers: Landscaping, neighboring homes, and fences can sometimes shield roofs from hail.

Identifying Hail Damage Wood shingles may show:

  • Random damage patterns.
  • Orange/brown splits with sharp edges.
  • Dents along splits.

Composition or asphalt shingles might have:

  • Black indentations.
  • Granule loss, exposing the roof’s felt.
  • Bruised spots and a shiny appearance.

However, not all signs necessarily indicate hail damage. Regular wear can make shingles appear aged, leading to cracking, blistering, and flaking.

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